Getting our ducks in a row

Here at Mermaid Farm we are proud to be an integral part of the island community contributing organic vegetables, wild crafted produce, raw milk, cheese, yogurt and much more. The secret to the quality we are able to achieve in all the goods we produce is the quality of the people and creatures that live and work here on our little piece of the island. The list of those starts with Caitlin growing the vegetables and Alan running the dairy. Like many farms, especially those that include dairy and other livestock its a year round task and at times it's round the clock. The effort requires participation of many friends and family members. Everett and Kent, Caitlin and Alan's boys, Dan, a friend who grows the grain, Chris who tends to the chicken flock and helps with heavy equipment repair, Aaron who works with Chris and generally pitches in where needed and Jessica and Marie who make the cheese, yogurt and Lassi. Others come and pitch in when more help is needed. It is truly a community effort, and there are many members of this community that contribute in ways that aren't always readily visible. The worms that tend to the soil, the birds that provide songs from sundown to sunset, the border collies that work the sheep. Of course the cows who provide the milk and meat, and then there are the ducks. Above all else the ducks provide entertainment. As they walk in a line from their various haunts, quacking and often laying eggs in secreted locations, their motivations inspire wonder. One minute they are lazily soaking up the sun, or keeping in the shade as the case may be then without warning they all rise up a waddle up the hill like a squadron on a mission. One gets the sense of how much at home they are here, in fact one can get the sense that this is their home and the rest of us are the interlopers. Thankfully they let us go about our various tasks under their watchful eyes and of course their sonorous quacks!



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